Misplaced Keys is a driving event.

Event Text

The group can't find the car keys! After a while, they spot the keys lying inside a gator's open mouth!

After most humans disappeared, gators started spreading along the entire east coast. It's rumored the gators may eat zombies and car keys.

  • [character] wrestles the gator
  • [character] tires out the gator
  • [character] shoots the gator
  • [character] just grabs the keys


Note: a character with high enough mechanical stat may be able to hot wire the car if the keys are lost.

Wrestle the gator

  • Low strength
    • -2 health
    • strength revealed
    • may or may not retrieve keys
  • High strength
    • retrieve car keys
    • no health penalty
    • possible +1 Strength

Tire out the gator

  • Low fitness
    • -2 health
    • fitness revealed
    • retrieve car keys
  • High fitness
    • retrieve car keys
    • no health penalty
    • possible +1 Fitness

Shoot the gator

  • Low shooting
    • lose car keys
    • shooting revealed
    • possible morale penalty?
  • High shooting
    • possible +1 shooting
    • retrieve car keys

Just grab the keys (oblivious)

[Character] just goes ahead and grabs the car keys right from the gator's mouth! No problem!

The gator wasn't expecting this casual action at all. It is so surprised that it didn't snap its jaws shut. THe group drives the car away!

  • retrieve car keys
  • no health penalty