Misplaced Keys is a driving event.

Event Text Edit

The group can't find the car keys! After a while, they spot the keys lying inside a gator's open mouth!

After most humans disappeared, gators started spreading along the entire east coast. It's rumored the gators may eat zombies and car keys.

  • [character] wrestles the gator
  • [character] tires out the gator
  • [character] shoots the gator
  • [character] just grabs the keys

Results Edit

Note: a character with high enough mechanical stat may be able to hot wire the car if the keys are lost.

Wrestle the gator Edit

  • Low strength
    • -2 health
    • strength revealed
    • may or may not retrieve keys
  • High strength
    • retrieve car keys
    • no health penalty
    • possible +1 Strength

Tire out the gator Edit

  • Low fitness
    • -2 health
    • fitness revealed
    • retrieve car keys
  • High fitness
    • retrieve car keys
    • no health penalty
    • possible +1 Fitness

Shoot the gator Edit

  • Low shooting
    • lose car keys
    • shooting revealed
    • possible morale penalty?
  • High shooting
    • possible +1 shooting
    • retrieve car keys

Just grab the keys (oblivious) Edit

  • retrieve car keys
  • no health penalty

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