The Mecha Mountie is a Rare Character that appears on the final mission at Canada's Border.

If the party survives long enough once reaching the Canadian border, Mecha Mountie will arrive from the sky and proceed to destroy zombies with his 'EH-ZER BEAM' attack.

The EH-ZER BEAM instantly destroys all zombies in an area of effect when it is fired. The Mecha Mountie fires two shots at a time until all zombies are eliminated.

Encounter Text





  • Mecha Mountie is a giant robot based on the Canadian Mounties.
  • The EH-ZER beam is a reference to the way Canadians pronounce 'eh' in sentences.
    • Phonetically it's pronounced "Ay-Zer-Beam" very close to "Lay-Zer-Beam" hence the joke.
    • It is still possible to kill The Mecha Mountie with Grenades or Pipe Bombs or other explosive devices including Molotovs.

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