Magazines: Popular after the Apocalypse is a common Event.

Event Text

The group tries to loot a grocery store, but it has been picked absolutely clean. [Character] finds a magazine rack and decides to grab one to read.

Pick a magazine:

  • American G*U*N*S
  • Turnkey & Good2Go
  • -cat videos pictures-


American G*U*N*S

The magazine is full of gun pictures, gun info, gun tips, and bizarre hyper-patriotic rants. [Character] absorbs all of these things.

  • [Character] +1 Shooting
  • [Character] -1 Composure

Turnkey & Good2Go

  • [Character] +2 Mechanical
  • [Character] +2 Composure

-cat videos pictures-

It's just what the title says, just pictures of cat videos. It was pointless in better times, but got really popular after the internet went down.

  • [Character] +2 Attitude
  • [Character] +1 Morale
  • [Dog Only] -1 Morale, -2 attitude, -2 composure, default attack changed to FIERCE
  • [Cat Only] (if Morale > 4) +1 Morale (if Morale < 4) 5 Morale


  • [Character] +1 Medical
  • [Character] -1 Attitude
  • [Everyone else] -1 Morale
  • [DSYP Only] -5 Fart total

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