The Mad Scientist or "Doc" is a Rare Character that can be temporarily recruited during a random Event while driving.

She materialises out of nowhere, seemingly having teleported there accidentally. She asks the party for a ride to her laboratory, or 20 shotgun shells for her "Science Shotgun".

When she is recruited her Wits, Mechanical, and Shooting are revealed.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The group is taking a break to check their gear when there's suddenly a bright flash of light! A scientist materializes out of nowhere. Crap, now I need to get back to my lab. I could use a ride, or say, 20 shells for my Science Shotgun.

Offer her a ride (Upon Recruitment)

After talking with the scientist, it turns out her lab is on the way. Thanks. I'll name the next invention after you.

If Party is full

The group's too big to recruit her! Replace someone:

Give her 20 Shotgun Shells

Great, this will really further science! Here, take one of my old experiments! Doc hands you a TELEPORTER MK 1! She walks off to continue her voyage of discovery.

Revealed Stats


Special Abilities

Doc will only join the team temporarily as she is looking to get back to her lab. After a set amount of days she will leave the party.

As she is not looking to get to Canada the game will end if she is the only party member in the team when she arrives at her lab.

Doc's reward for helping her are Smoke Bombs. If you give her shotgun shells she will reward you with 7 Smoke bombs, whereas if you deliver her to her lab she'll give the party 10 smoke bombs.


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