The Mad Scientist or "Doc" is a Rare Character that could be temporarily recruited during a random Event while driving. As of the August DUODENUM update, she is now a permenantly recruitable character.

Doc can be found at a rare Trader Camp called the Hidden Laboratory. There she will offer to sell the party a Teleporter for 5 Food, or a Mazer Pistol for 12. She will join the party if paid 20 Food. Her Shooting, Mechanical, and Wits are revealed upon recruitment.

She will join with a unique weapon called the Solar Mazer Pistol that replenishes charges between missions, along with a Doodad which does the same.

Encounter Text

The Science of Shopping

All trading you do here will go towards the advancement of science!

Recruit (20 food)

Sure, I can join you. I'm getting bored here, I need to do some research out in the field.

Finish buying anything you want before you recruit me! It's not that I don't trust you, but after I join I'm locking all my weapons to my fingerprint ID. Just in case I die mysteriously.

Upon joining

I'm ready to zap things! I brought my solar recharger.

Doc joins the team! Onward to Canada!


"Knowledge triumphs again! I rule."

Doc set up a very nice secret lab in Canada, then made an army of mutant beavers.

Special Abilities

Doc's Sciency Doodad has unlimited charges. Her Solar Mazor Pistol recharges between missions.


  • Initially Mad Scientist was a temporary character who materialised out of nowhere, seemingly having teleported there accidentally. She asks the party for a ride to her laboratory, or 20 shotgun shells for her "Science Shotgun". Doing either of these would reward the player with Smoke bombs.
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