Ma Hooth is a common Driving Event that the player can encounter. A member of the team will be experiencing tooth pains and must decide how to deal with it.

Pets can encounter this event but will only have the option to 'Force it out' causing -1 Health (fatal), -3 Morale, and -1 Attitude.

Event Text

[Character] is having near crippling tooth pain. Without access to the precision tools needed the only option it to pull the tooth out. [He/She] weighs the current options.

  • Force it out!
  • I used to be a dentist!
  • I saw this once in a cartoon!


Force it out!

Strength Check


[Character] grabs a pair of pliers and goes to town, pulling the tooth as hard as possible. Using nothing but will to fight through the pain, [he/she] gets the tooth out quickly and with surprisingly little trouble.

[Character] +1 Strength


[Character] grabs a pair of pliers and goes to town. The extraction doesn't go well. After a lot of pain and blood the tooth eventually comes out.

[Character] -1 Health (fatal)
[Character] -2 Morale


I used to be a dentist!

Medical Check


[Character] really did know what they were doing. Using the tools and medical supplies available, [he/she] is able to pull the tooth out cleanly and with relatively little pain.

[Character] +1 Medical


[Character] ended up having a lot of trouble. The tooth extraction was messy, clumsy, and painful. To make it worse, [he/she] pulled the wrong tooth and had to do it again.

[Character] -1 Health (fatal)
[Character] -3 Morale


I saw this once in a cartoon!

[Character] using old cartoon shows as inspiration, decides to tie [his/her] tooth to the car door.

Mechanical Check


Using the added leverage, [he/she] slams the car door, cleanly pulling the tooth out.

[Character] +1 Mechanical


Unprepared for the sudden force of slamming the door, [he/she] is pulled towards the car and hits [his/her] head on the door.

[Character] -1 Health (fatal)
[Character] -1 Morale



  • This event has arguably some of funniest responses if the character dies during extraction. The three outcomes are detailed below:
    • Force it: Somehow [Character] dies from this.
    • Dentist: After pulling the second tooth [Character] was heard to exclaim "YEAH SCREW THIS NOISE" and then [he/she] spontaneously died.
    • Cartoon: This exact scenario was actually a pretty common way to die before the zombie apocalypse. These accidents got kept out of the news due to BIG AUTO CORPORATIONS.

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