Lynn C. Thompson is a Rare Character and Trader that can be found at Trader Camps. He can be temporarily recruited for a single mission.

C. Thompson is the CEO of Cold Steel Knives. He offers to sell the Zweihander sword for 45 Food when first encountered. If the party asks for a 'demo' he will join the party for one mission (similar to the Knight) in order to show off the sword.

If Lynn survives the mission with you, he will offer the Zweihander for sale one last time before he departs, he will offer a 33% discount making it available for 30 Food instead.

While travelling with the party, Lynn will regularly speak, plugging his company and the Zweihander.

If Lynn dies while on a mission with the party he will not drop the Zweihander and the chance to purchase it will be lost.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

I'm selling the finest weapon you'll ever see, before or after the zombie apocalypse.

It's the Cold Steel Greatsword from Cold Steel Knives! Only 45 food!

Ask for a demo

He thought you'd never ask.

The Group temporarily recruits Lynn so that he can provide a live demonstration.

You'll be amazed by the power of the Cold Steel Greatsword!

After Mission

The demonstration is over!

Well, are you ready for the power of a Cold Steel sword?

I'll give you a discount because we fought together as warriors! 33% off!

Special Abilities

Lynn has no special abilities.


  • Even though none of the stats are revealed, Lynn's Strength(5) and Fitness(4) are always the same when he is recruited.
  • A full list of the phrases Lynn says while on a mission with you can be found here.
  • Based quite obviously on the real-life company Cold Steel president Lynn Thompson.
  • The weapon he uses it not actually the Zweihander, but a weapon with identical appearance and stats as it, called the Cold Steel Greatsword.

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