The Lonely Gas Station is a random event that can happen while driving in Death Road to Canada.

Event Text

The group finds a gas station far off the main road. Someone has looted the store, and there's no zombies in sight.

The gas pumps are old, and don't seem to be functioning.

  • Leave pumps alone
  • [Character] attempts to fix the pumps
  • [Character] crawls into the tank


Leave pumps alone

Nothing happens and the group leaves without incident.

[Character] attempts to fix the pumps

Low mechanical (< 3)


  • No gas
  • -1 morale
  • Mechanical revealed

Success (? Chance):

[Character] attempts to fix the pumps. It takes some fumbling, but s/he gets the pumps running. The group collects up that precious gas.

  • +Gas
  • [Character] +1 Mechanical
  • [Character] Mechanical revealed

High mechanical (> 4)

  • + Gas
  • +1 mechanical

[Character] crawls into the tank

Low fitness (≤ 3)

  • No gas
  • -1 Health

High fitness (≥ 4)

[Character] volunteers to climb into the tanks. There's a lot of struggling and blind luck involved, but he/she squirms into the tank.

The group collects up that precious gas.

  • + Gas
  • +1 Fitness

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