Like a Normal Day is a common driving event.

Event Text

The group meets another person just chilling on a park bench. He seems friendly. They have a conversation, just like before the world ended.

What was the main topic?

  • [Character]: Advice exchange
  • [Character]: Pep Talk
  • (Bandit) [Character]: Giving me your stuff
  • [Character]: Cooling it
  • [Character]: Cooling it!!!


[Character]: Advice exchange

[Character] exchanges advice on different topics. The friendly survivor appreciates it, and give a little bit of advice to [Character] in return.

  • [Character] +1 random skill

[Character]: Pep Talk

[Character] tries to give a pep talk. The friendly survivor feels very optimistic after the talk, and gives an inspiring speech!

  • [Whole Party] +2 morale

[Character]: Giving me your stuff

[Character] easily robs the friendly person. He didn't have much, but that will teach him an important lesson in trusting others.

  • +3-6 Food
  • +3-6 Medical
  • [Whole Party] Loyalty revealed
  • [Low loyalty characters] +1 Morale
  • [High loyalty characters] -1 Morale

[Character]: Cooling it

  • [Whole Party] -1 morale

[Character]: Cooling it!!!

  • [Whole Party] Maximum morale
  • Choose:
  1. Morale Pep Talk
  2. Group First Aid
  3. Tank of 80 Gas