The L*nk Bomb is a type of explosive. Its properties and functionality is a complete mystery because no one has ever seen one before! (Well, no one who writes the pages on this wiki has seen one.) Rumor says that the L*nk Bomb is a special type of explosive that works extremely differently from every other explosive in the game: using the L*nk Bomb will supposedly make an explosion so big that every zombie on the map instantly dies (including zombies in different rooms). None of the party members are hurt by the explosion, and neither is the car. In addition, using the L*nk Bomb also prevents new zombies from entering the map for ten minutes (real time, not just ten minutes in-game). The L*nk Bomb can be used up to ten times. Please note, this is all merely rumors, though they appear to be extremely accurate considering that nearly a dozen players have been recorded describing the L*nk Bomb, and they all described it the same way despite not having heard of it before witnessing it.*

*[The existence of the recording and the dozen players who claim to have used the L*nk Bomb is debatable.]

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