Kip The Science Guy

Kip the lizard

Kip is a lizard trader.

For 5 food, one can enter his SCIENCE MACHINE

The character that enters this machine will recieve some stat increases (usually +Str and +Fitness) in addition to a random effect. This effect can range from being turned into a dogtaur (Body of a dog, head of a person, Dexterity increase), to your DNA being mixed with that of a fly (Fly body, head of a person, unarmed becomes Claw attack), to your character being straight up transformed into a ”Supertrained” dog (Your a dog, Dexterity increased, can only hold a single item).

His machine costs 5 food to use and the effects are permanent, so ask yourself: Are you feeling lucky?

The machine can be used multiple times, but Kip only gives the discount once. Further uses cost 20 food.

Possible Effects

  • Stat increase (almost always)
  • Gender Change
  • Character loses all their hair and some morale
  • Transformation into Dogtaur
  • Splice DNA with fly (transformation into Flydog)
  • Transformation into Dog (Common)
  • Transformation into Dog (Supertrained)
  • Character grows huge (max sprite size)
  • Character is shrunk (mini!)
  • If a dog enter the machine, it will turn into a Dogman