K*E*P*A MODE is a Game Mode available in Death Road to Canada. It is the last unlockable mode in Death Road to Canada and ultimately the most difficult due to having to beat all previous game modes in order to unlock it.

When this mode is selected, you will start with Kepa and an ultimate challenge of surviving to the end with him unlocking a Cheevo if successful. The zombies, in turn, will be doubled more than normal as well as being more aggressive and numerous causing the player to require multiple times in order to win. As per usual, bandits will be more cruel.

This mode is recommended for people who want to abandon all hope yet win it all in an ultimate true test of perseverance.


  • K*E*P*A MODE is a reference to the owner of Rocketcat Games Kepa Auwae
  • The first recorded gameplay win of K*E*P*A MODE was uploaded by YouTuber user Tran Plays in 2 parts.