Junkyard Pals is an Event that can be encountered while driving. The player must find and safely escort two "Junkyard Pals" who were separated in a standard Junkyard map. To complete the event, you must find the pals and successfully rescue them. Like the Danger Ranger Rescue Event, if you successfully saved both they will reward the group with different bonuses.

Event Text

The group sees two people get trapped in a junkyard by a massive crowd of zombies. They could be saved from their fates, if you distract the horde!

If both Pals survive

The group escapes the junkyard!

Clem survives, and shows some great repair tips while he fixes up the car!

[Everyone] mechanical +1

You rescued Leonard. In thanks, he gives the group some shooting tips!

Get rifle ammo +30

[Everyone] shooting +1

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