Jump it, Man! is a driving Event.

Event Text

Suddenly, a GIANT FISSURE erupts across the road ahead.

It's big. Super big. The asphalt buckles on either side, making for a pretty sick ramp.

  • GUN IT
  • Slam on the brakes
  • Bail



  • Vehicle takes heavy damage, may break down completely. +1 morale (whole party)
  • Cars like SUVs may turn over mid-air and cause damage to the entire party.
  • Muscle cars jump without any penalty.

Slam on the brakes!

  • Character party takes damage
  • Chance of the car being damaged instead, with no damage to the party

[Character] kicks over and slams on the brakes! The car careens out of control, hurling in a misdirected semi-circle and slams into a chunk of buckled road. The group seems alright but the car is damaged.


  • The car is abandoned and the party starts walking.
  • Party Gets Hurt and Morale Decreases for whole party as well.
  • There is also a chance that a character will jump into a second car.

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