Jump it, Man! is a driving Event.

Event Text

Suddenly, a GIANT FISSURE erupts across the road ahead.

It's big. Super big. The asphalt buckles on either side, making for a pretty sick ramp.

  • GUN IT
  • Slam on the brakes
  • Bail!



[Character] grabs the wheel and pounds the gas pedal. The car bolts forward, ripping a howling screech into the sky.


The car builds up great speed, hits the jump, and sails right over the obstacle!

  • No penalties


The car makes it over, but sinks like an anvil and smashes into the road. Chunks of metal fly in every direction.

  • Car's chassis takes heavy damage (may be destroyed)

Failure (will happen if the party is using a large vehicle):

The slow car immediately flips upside down and erupts into flames, not even clearing the obstacle.

  • [Party] -2 Health
  • Car is destroyed

Slam on the brakes!

[Character] kicks over and slams on the brakes!

Result #1:

The car careens out of control, hurling in a misdirected semi-circle and slams into a chunk of buckled road. The group seems alright but the car is damaged.

  • Car's chassis takes damage

Result #2:

The group jams forward, buckling all over the seats and dash like crumpled dolls. The car is fine but everything else hurts like hell.

  • [Party] -1 Health
  • [Party] -1 Morale


[Character] counts down from three and when they hit one, the group flings open the doors and leaps from the moving car!

  • The car is abandoned and the party starts Walking.
  • [Random party members] -1 Health and Morale
  • There is also a chance that a character will jump into a second car.