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The following are official Hints that can help you get started with on your journey down The Death Road to Canada .

New Game Hints

This is a list of hints that Death Road to Canada displays upon starting a new game.

  • A combination of Strength and Fitness determines weapon swing speed and energy use.
  • A very high Mechanical skill will let you repair a car right away. Further repairs become harder.
  • All stats go from 0-6. A stat of 0-1 will usually automatically fail. 5-6 will usually succeed.
  • Automatic weapons are very hard to control if you have low Shooting skill.
  • Bandit characters can rob many traders and other people. This can backfire depending on who is robbed.
  • Character stats are initially hidden. Characters you recruit may be lying about their abilities!
  • Characters can have personality traits that give them more options in events!
  • Characters that are close by can throw weapons to each other in the pause menu.
  • Charming characters get all sorts of bonuses, particularly in Trader Camps.
  • Closing doors will hold off zombies for awhile, as they all forgot how to open doors.
  • Dog barking, horns, gunshots, and other noises draw zombie attention.
  • Dogs are very fast. For fun, try having a dog solo loot a city while everyone rests!
  • Figure out your favorite traits and perks, then make a bunch of custom characters with them.
  • Fire and explosives can damage your own characters, so watch out. Fire is especially dangerous.
  • Fire can clear out an army of zombies if you're lucky. It's very dangerous to use indoors.
  • Fitness determines how much melee energy you have, and how quickly you recover it.
  • For endgame, you want high stats and either great melee weapons or an automatic + ammo.
  • For the final stage of the trip, you will need a good group or great weapons.
  • Higher Shooting skill means better firearms handling, with each shot piercing more zombies!
  • If team member morale gets too low, they will start arguing, despairing, and backstabbing.
  • If you don't like your Always Be Looting choices, try driving around for new locations.
  • If you have little or no food, some traders will pity you and give free stuff!
  • If you have spare gas, you can skip many locations. Each skip makes good ones more likely!
  • If your characters all have full health, fighting off bandits will usually not kill any of them.
  • Irritating characters always know the worst thing to say. They have a SECRET ADVANTAGE.
  • Losing your car opens you up to nearly constant negative events and bandit attacks.
  • Make sure you create some custom characters! They can show up at random in the game.
  • Many bandits can be bought off with food. Some bandits can be beaten by a specific personality type.
  • Many traders offer you different things depending on how much food you have.
  • More people means more fighters! It also means more food consumption.
  • Oblivious characters can safely run out of morale. A couple times.
  • Paranoid characters can reduce the severity of bandit attacks, or reveal the stats of new recruits.
  • Punching a zombie with no weapon barely does anything, besides making one let you go for a moment.
  • Rifles have high damage and high piercing. One shot could splat an entire line of zombies.
  • Run whenever you can! Fight when you're forced to. These zombies do not drop zombie loot.
  • Scavenge for all the ammo you can. Build up the skills of your team. You'll need to become stronger!
  • Shotguns are still very effective for people with low Shooting skill. High damage and knockdown.
  • Slow, heavy weapons can be powerful with high Strength and Fitness. Otherwise they can be awful.
  • Slow-shooting firearms are very ammo efficient. Sometimes you'll want to spray ammo with an automatic.
  • Some car types are easier to repair than others, requiring a smaller Mechanical skill.
  • Some great melee weapons for high stat people: Knight's Sword. Sturdy Machete. Fire Axe. Sledgehammer.
  • Some great melee weapons for low Strength/Fitness: Aluminum Bat. Nightstick. Xtreme Hockey Stick.
  • Some melee weapons break and some don't! Many common breakable weapons compensate by being light.
  • Some melee weapons cleave, hitting multiple zombies in one swing. Some cleaves are based on chance.
  • Some places are death traps! Read the zombie forecast before exploring an area.
  • Someone with maxed Medical skill needs less medical supplies for healing, or sometimes none.
  • Strength lets you pick up and throw heavier furniture. Thrown furniture is the best weapon.
  • Swinging melee weapons around is exhausting until you increase your strength and fitness!
  • The pistols and the uzi have the advantage of bullets being the most common ammo type.
  • There's no real penalty for getting a teammate eaten by zombies. Just throwing that fact out there.
  • Throw furniture by picking it up then pressing attack. Throwing can be powerful and efficient.
  • TIRED gives big stat penalties! Clear it by sleeping in the next camp or resting before a mission.
  • Try sacrificing someone you don't like by getting them eaten on purpose. This will distract zombies.
  • When exhausted, you start to sweat. Stop swinging for awhile or you'll do much less damage.
  • You can keep your car going way longer if you have a great mechanic in the team.
  • You can often have teammates rest in the car. Useful if someone's hurt or you want a smaller group.
  • You can switch what character you are controlling in the pause menu, for finer control.
  • Zombies attack furniture that gets in the way. You can drop or throw objects to make obstacles.
  • Zombies can chase you for a long time, depending on how aggressive and irritated they get.
  • Zombies get hit for extra damage if they are knocked down, first. Some weapons have high knockdown.
  • Zombies get more aggressive and numerous at night. Zombies smell you better if you're bleeding.
  • Zombies have to grab onto you for a short time before they can damage you. Run away to break free!
  • We've run out of hints! Good luck!
  • A hint from a pal: Want to lose your legs and fast? Try shooting a propane tank while standing on it!
  • Pro tip: COOL IT!

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