The Hermit is a Rare Character who can be found when visiting the Hermit's Cabin location. He is depicted as a stereotypical homeless looking man.

The Hermit's Cabin will be under Siege when the party chooses to visit it. In order to speak with the Hermit he needs to survive this.

Having a character with enough 'Cool it' points tell the Hermit to "Cool it" will result in him welcoming them and giving them a large stash (40) of Shotgun Shells + Morale boost. If the person does not have enough 'Cool it' points however, they will instead lose morale.

A character with the 'charming' Trait can also recruit the Hermit simply by asking.

If the party asks the hermit for wisdom he will not join and instead grant the character who asked for wisdom two levels in Shooting and Vitality.

When the Hermit joins the party no stats are revealed. However players will notice he joins with 4 Vitality which is one more than the standard for human survivors. He will have a Fire Axe and Shotgun in his inventory.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter (During Siege)

The hermit is already infuriated.



Maybe try again when there's less zombies.

Upon Encounter (After Siege)

The hermit is slightly less infuriated now, but not by much.

Well? What is it?

I've got a lot of important hermit stuff to do!

Ask him to join you

Of course I'm not going to join you! I was doing fine before you brought the horde with you!

The hermit isn't swayed by [Character]'s charms.

Ask him to join you (with 'Charming' trait)

The hermit is swayed by [Character]'s charms!

Well, I'm a hermit, but you know what? You're alright!

Tell Hermit to 'Cool it'

'Cool It' = (7+) - The hermit cools it immediately! He shares his stash of shotgun shells with you, along with his hermit knowledge. He also offers to join the team! [Character] was surprised that this worked!

'Cool it' < 7 - The hermit does not cool it. Instead, he lets loose a tirade of swears. [Character]'s sensibilities are offended!

Ask for hermit wisdom

The hermit teaches [Character] some sweet shooting tips, and also gives up the secrets of GRIZZLED HERMIT TOUGHNESS!"



"Feh! I can't belive I was conviced to leave my cabin."

Hermit became a hermit in Canada. Instead of being a hermit in America.

Special Abilities

The Hermit has no special abilities as a party member but can increase another party member's Shooting and Vitality by two levels. As Vitality is generally a difficult stat to raise this can sometime be a better deal than recruiting him.


  •  Hermit may be a reference to Hermit from the Walking Dead, sharing several similarities such as ; They both live in a cabin, they both are very grumpy and angry, have some similarities appearance wise and of course have the same name.

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