Helping with Car Trouble is a Driving Event in Death Road to Canada.

Event Text

The group meets a man trying to repair his broken car. He clearly has no idea of what he is doing.

  • [Character] Help fix car
  • [Character] Steal his supplies
  • No time to help


[character] Help fix car

[Character] tries to fix the man's broken car.

High mechanical: (tested with 5 mechanical)

They used their car knowledge to quickly repair it! He/she appreciates the help and give some supplies!

  • [Character] +1 Morale
  • [Character] Mechanical revealed
  • [Character] +1 Mechanical.
  • +18 pistol ammo.
  • +16 rifle ammo.

Low mechanical:

[character] Steal his supplies

[Character] easily robs the stranded man/woman of their supplies, even their wrench.

  • [High loyalty characters] -1 Morale
  • + Food
  • + Medicine
  • + Ammunition
  • Get a Wrench

No time to help 

  • [No Penalty]