Helping out Someone in Need! is a common event.

Event Text

While scavenging, the group runs into a man covered in cardboard boxes. He says he's been stuck there for days! He has a [weapon] lying on the ground outside of his reach.

Should someone steal his weapon?

  • Help him up
  • [character]


Help him up

(morale boost/penalty for whole group, determined by the individual's loyalty)

Low loyalty

  • -1 morale

High loyalty

  • +1 morale

[character] steals his weapon

Gain the weapon plus some ammo if it's a gun, morale boost/penalty for the individual stealing

Low Loyalty

  • [Character] steals the man's [weapon.] They feel pretty smug about this. (+1 morale)

High Loyalty

  • -3 morale

Steal His Supplies

High Loyalty

- 1 or 2 Morale

Gain assorted ammo, food, and medical supplies, and also the weapon

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