Hazardous Materials is a Event that can be encountered while driving. The player must find and safely escort three individuals in Hazmat suits (named Matt, Mattie and Matilda) out of a Sewer.

The rewards the player receives will be determined by who, and how many people are saved.

Event TextEdit

The Group is driving through an empty city when they see a man in the road. He is in a hazmat suit and is beckoning them for help. As the car gets closer, he opens a manhole and enters the sewer.

If Matt is foundEdit

Matt asks for help! He offers a reward if the group can help him rescue his two team members, then get out of this sewer through the door. We tried living down here for awhile. It turned out to not be such a great idea.

If Mattie is foundEdit

Mattie says something, but her big respirator muffles what she is saying. It's likely she wants out of here, as soon as possible. Or maybe she likes sewer living. Who can say?

If Matilda is foundEdit

Matilda is ready to get out of this sewer! Living here worked at first! Sure the beds were soggy, but otherwise it was fine! 


Upon EscapeEdit

The group escapes the sewer!

If Matt is savedEdit

Matt reveals a stash of carefully sealed medical supplies!


If Mattie is savedEdit

Mattie pantomimes some emergency medical techniques.

Whole Party - MEDICAL UP x2

If Matilda is savedEdit

Matilda shows off a cache of food. It may or may not have been stashed in the sewer...


If everyone is savedEdit

The entire Hazmat Team made it out alive!

Whole Party - MORALE UP

If at least one person is savedEdit

Not all of the Hazmat Team made it out, but the help was still appreciated.

If no one is savedEdit

The group left before finding everyone, so there was no reward.

Whole Party - MORALE DOWN

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