H*NK is a recruitable Rare Character added in the June 2017 - COCCYX Update. H*NK can be found in Trader Camps.

H*NK wears high-tech looking combat gear with a gas mask. The eyes of the mask are red.

H*NK sells the Ded9 Pistol and if recruited will have a unique Modded Ded9.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

This guy looks ominous.

I'm a special agent on a special mission. It's a zombie warzone out there. I promise I won't betray you.

That all sounds good. He offers to sell the group a powerful pistol for 10 food, or join them for 20 food.

Upon Recruiting

I'll protect you on the way to Canada! I promise I won't betray you.

He's said that at least twice now, so he must really mean it.


"Mission objective in sight!"

H*NK went on to complete his secret mission: stealing the Tim Hortons coffee recipe.

Special Abilities

H*NK has no special abilities.


  • Despite his assurances to not betray you, H*NK will always join the party with 0 Loyalty. This is not revealed by default however.
  • H*NK may also go by any other of these names, similar to L*nk.
    • HANK
    • HONK
    • HINK
    • HENK
    • HYNK
  • Based on similarities in appearance and his skill with shooting, H*NK is likely based on HUNK from Resident Evil.

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