The Graveyard is a special location and event in Death Road to Canada. In the graveyard you will be given the special mission of finding a goblin-- To do so, you must have a shovel or find the shovel laying in the graveyard so you can open the mausoleums.


Two of the mausoleums act as "decoys", causing a few zombies to emerge and attack you.

In one you can find the Grim Reaper where you will have two options:

"The Grim Reaper, Avatar of Death itself, emerges from the crypt. Grim Reaper looks around at the hordes and the carnage. It looks at {Player Name}. It Shrugs."

"Try to ignore it for now"

Result: None

"Don't Do it!"

Result: Nothing


Result: Player's main character's maximum health is set to 1, he receives a buff in three stats, strength fitness and shooting. (This could be random or it might always be these three.) You get "THE GRIM REAPER" weapon.

"Have someone else do it."

Result: Changes the players main character, must interact with Grim Reaper again to shake hands with Death.


It is also possible that a rare character named "Count Dinkula" will come out of the mausoleum. If this happens, you will have the option of adding him to your group.

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