Gordo is a Rare Character based on Gordon Freeman, the protagonist of the Half-Life game series.

Gordo can be found while scavenging buildings in suburbs, he'll be standing in front of a pile of rubble in a ruined house. Since he is a "silent protagonist" he doesn't speak when interacted with by the party.

Gordo reveals his Strength, Fitness, Shooting, and Mechanical upon joining the team. He also starts with 4 vitality (4 HP).His inventory starts with a: Crowbar, Dolt 45, and Shotgun.

Although it isn't revealed upon joining the team, Gordo starts with a 3 in all personality stats. This is likely a nod to his description, which states he "possibly has no personality whatsoever."

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter


-- Gordo

Upon Recruitment

Gordo seems ok with following [Character]. Maybe? It's hard to say due to the silent protagonist scthick.

Special Abilities

Gordo has no special abilities.


Gordo went back to being a scientist. This mostly involves hitting stuff with a crowbar.


  • The crowbar has always been the signature weapon of Gordon Freeman within the Half-Life franchise. It's the first weapon he received in the first game of the series and has remained since. The fact Gordo starts with one is a reference to this.
  • Two other weapons that were available and prominent in the Half-Life games were the Shotgun and the Revolver. Gordo starts with the equivalent of these which is likely a nod to the fact in classic FPS games the protagonist carries many guns without any encumbrance.
  • Gordo starts with high stats in Strength, Fitness, Shooting, and Mechincal: Mechanical is a nod to the fact Gordon Freeman is a scientist in the Half-Life games. All the other stats however are likely nods to the fact he's the protagonist of an FPS game, where the player runs, climbs, and shoots guns a lot.

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