Gnomey is a recruitable Rare Character that can be found while driving in a random Event. Gnomey appears to be a small humanoid, with a bushy beard and a pointy red cap, much like a traditional garden gnome.

Gnomey rides a large 'rodent thing' which appears to be his mount.

When Gnomey is first encountered he points at the party shrieking, only to be informed of the zombie problem if recruited, to which Gnomey assures is "GNOME PROBLEM."

Gnomey joins the party with 1 Vitality and so can not be healed above 1 HP. Gnomey is capable of moving slightly faster than standard survivors.

When Gnomey joins the group Gnomey's Strength and Attitude are revealed. Gnomey's Strength will be the lowest value, while Gnomey's Attitude will be the highest.

When recruited, Gnomey reveals their Strength, Attitude, and Medical skills. Gnomey's shooting skill maxes out at 1.

Encounter Text

[Character] takes a wrong turn down a country road, and comes across a house.

The house is a large mushroom, nearly as big as a person. There's a little gated area outside with some sort of exotic rodent grunting inside of it.

A gnome steps out of the house and starts SHRIEKING and pointing at you.

Upon Recruitment

Gnomey jumps onto his rodent thing. You have a ZOMBIE problem?


The rodent rears back and whinnies dramatically.

Gnomey points towards the horizon and winks.

If Party is full

You can't RECRUIT anyone if you already have 4 people!

You just can't do it! Haven't you been paying ATTENTION?

Gnomey storms back into his hut and slams the door.

Boot someone from the group and try again?


"Ooo! Never forget me! Oooooo!"

Gnomey wished everyone goodbye. With tears in his eyes, he turned into a tree.

Special Abilities

Gnomey's unarmed attack is a 'Poke' which pushes zombies away.

Additionally, Gnomey moves at a slightly faster rate than standard survivors. He shares this ability with The Ninja, and Roller Derby Girl.

Gnomey can heal anyone in the party without any medical supplies (due to the fact that his medical stat is at 6).


  • Gnomey is a recurring character in Rocketcat games.
    • When Gnomey is encountered the title of the text box says "THE TRIUMPHANT RETURN OF GNOMEY."
    • While driving Gnomey has various lines of dialogue that either break the fourth wall entirely, or refer to mechanics from 'Punch Quest' a game also developed by Rocketcat.
  • Gnomey has unique event text when his Morale dips too low. If he is alone he will give up on his quest, enter some woods and become a tree. If he's with at least one other party member he will begin to float and glow until he vanishes shouting to the party that he has "ascended into Godhood" before calling them "dinks"

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