Giga Guy is a Rare Character that was added in August DUODENUM update. He is based on the popular fictional character Mega Man, the titular character from the games of the same name.

He has one inventory slot, which is filled by the GIGA GUSTER, which can not be dropped.

He can be found in Trading Camps, and recruited for 20 food.

Encounter Text

Is This Cosplay?

This person is covered in blue tights, a weird helmet, and is wearing a big plastic tube on one of his arms.

This would normally be more suspicious, but you're used to this sort of thing.

He strikes a dynamic pose with his plastic tube arm.




"It's way too cold here for this outfit!"

GigaGuy changed his cosplay to a character that wore thick winter clothes instead of tights.

*Contents are subject to change, since there might be more epilogues for giga guy.

Special Abilities

GigaGuy starts with his GIGA GUSTER, a ranged weapon based on the Mega Buster from Mega Man. He only has one weapon slot occupied by GIGA GUSTER, therefore cannot pick up any other weapon.

You can shoot it normally to do weak shots, and it can be charged to do stronger shots, that can pierce.

Giga Guy can shoot infinitely——Shooting with GIGA GUSTER does not cause fatigue, and it has unlimited charge. Also, it has a rather short cooldown, meaning you can spam attack button to shoot a barrage of lemonballs. These feature makes Giga Guy an extremely overpowered character.

Shots create light in dark environments.


  • The GIGA GUSTER is functionally identical to the Mega Buster from Mega Man 4 and up, right down to the appearance of the shots.
    • The ammo of the weapon is called "LEMONBALL", a reference to how the uncharged shots in classic Mega Man games had an appearance similar to that of a lemon, and were commonly referred to as lemons as a joke.
  • The description "is a super fighting robot" is a reference to the opening theme of the Mega Man animated cartoon, the most popular lyric being; "Super fighting robot, Mega Man!"

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