"Giant Spider Attack" is a Camping Event in Death Road to Canada. The group encounters a "giant" arachnid while lodging for the night.

 Event text

The group tries to rest in a house but is ambushed by a GIANT SPIDER!

Well maybe it's a normal spider but it's gross looking. The spider is rapidly draining the group's morale!

  • Run in disgust
  • Smoosh Spider
  • Eat Spider (can only be with Pet or Gourmand)


Run in disgust

[The group] runs out of that house! The spider continues slowly walking on the walls in a creepy, disgusting manner.


Smoosh Spider

Who should have to smoosh the spider?

[Character] smooshes the spider. There's a particularly gross crunching noise.

**If [Character]'s attitude is high**


**If [Character] has the Berserk trait**

[Character] screams BERSERKEERRR! and then OBLITERATES the spider. Only a wisp of smoke remains of it.




[The group] searches the house and finds some food!

+2-5 food

Eat Spider

**If pet or Goumand is on team**

[Character] looks around to make sure no one is watching, then quickly eats the spider.

It's crunchy.

[Character] +1 Morale


  • This event is, according to common4.df in the game's files, a 'Spider attack based on a true story where I ate a spider'.