Giant Rant is a Despair Event that can only occur when there is more than one party member. Additional dialogue options are available to characters with Stat Combos.

Event Text

[Character 1] decides to blow off steam by delivering a seemingly endless rant to everyone.

  • Try to ignore it
  • Tell [Character 1] to shut up
  • (Charming Character) [Character 2] talks [Character 1] down
  • (Grating Character) [Character 2]: SAY IT DON'T SPRAY IT


Try to ignore it

Everyone tries to ignore [Character 1], but [he/she] keeps going and going.

[Character 1] +1 Morale
[Rest of Party] -1 Morale (Excluding oblivious characters)

[Oblivious Character] ignores [him/her] just fine.

[Oblivious Character] Wits Revealed
[Oblivious Character]  Attitude Revealed


Tell [Character 1] to shut up

Everyone tells [Character 1] to shut it.

Failure (50%)

[He/She] doesn't take this well, and leaves the group in a huff.

[Character 1] leaves party and held weapons are lost

Success (50%)

[He/She] gets quiet after everyone tells [him/her] to stop talking, but [he/she] isn't very happy about it.

[Character 1] -1 Morale
[Rest of Party] +1 Morale


[Character 2] talks [Character 1] down

[Character 2] tries to reason with [Character 1].

Charm Test Success

[Character 2] convinces [Character 1] to calm down. They come to an understanding with each other, for now.

[Character 1] +1 Morale
[Character 2] +1 Morale

Charm Test Failure

[Character 1] is infuriated by [Character 2]'s attempt to manipulate [him/her]! [He/She] throws a punch at [Character 2] and stomps off into the night.

[Character 2] -1 Health (non-lethal)
[Character 1] leaves party and held weapons are kept


[Character 2]: SAY IT DON'T SPRAY IT

[Character 2] tells [Character 1] to SAY IT, DON'T SPRAY IT.

Cool it points > 6

[Character 1] takes this advice to heart. What if [he/she] was always held back by his habit of 'spraying it instead of saying it'? A tearful emotional breakthrough happens.

[Character 1] +4 Morale
[Character 2] +4 Morale

Cool it points < 7

[Character 1] gets so angry about this that [he/she] can't even talk.

[Character 1] -1 Morale
[Character 2] +2 Morale


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