The Gas to Snacks Conversion guy is a Trader that can be located within the Trader Camp. He offers to trade Food for Gas at a ratio of 25:2.

The man will be stood near an SUV.

A total of 20 Food can be traded for before the trader runs out.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The Group sees a man standing near an SUV.

Do you have any spare gas? I'm running out!

He offers to give you 2 cans of food for every 25 units of gas.

Rob the Trader

[Name] knocks the man over, grabs a sack of food, and then runs.


  • If you're too lazy to do the math here's how much food you get per transaction:
    • 100 Gas = 8 Food
    • 50 Gas = 4 Food
    • 25 Gas = 2 Food

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