The Firearms Coach is a Training Trader that can be found in Trader Camps. She can teach party members in the Shooting skill.( Does not have a gun in her hands)

Characters with the Stat Combo 'Charming' can attempt to charm the trainer for a free level in Shooting.

Encounter Text

This rifle-wielding woman claims she used to train others in competitive shooting.

She is selling tips for keeping your aim steady and multiple target trick shots. Zombies are slow moving targets. It's real easy!

[Character]: SAY IT DON'T SPRAY IT

[Character] quips SAY IT DON'T SPRAY IT to the firearms coach. Her reaction is brief disgust.

Oh. Yeah, ok. You're one of those types, huh?

She alerts the rest of the camp that [Character] is a huge dingus, and the group is forced to leave.