Fire! is a common event.

Event Text

The group goes against their judgement and camps in a city apartment because there's no zombies around.

When they wake up, the building is on fire. Who leads the escape?

  • [character]
  • [character] is cool about fire safety
  • Run out NOW


[character] leads escape

  • Low composure
    • -1 morale (everyone)
  • High composure
    • no penalty
    • [Character]'s Composure revealed


  • Low wit (the results here are independent of composure, meaning you can have both penalties)
    • -1 morale (everyone)
    • -1 health (everyone)
  • High wit
    • no penalty
    • [Character]'s Wits revealed

[character] is cool about fire safety (Paranoid)

  • [character] +1 morale
  • [character]'s wits revealed (Maxed)
  • [character]'s attitude revealed (Minimum)

Run out NOW

  • -random supplies (excluding weapons in the trunk)
  • no health penalty

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