The Mystery of the Ghost Fart event is a random driving event.

Event Text

It's just another day on the death road when someone farts in the car.

Drama and mystery consume the team.

Pick someone to blame:

  • [Character]
  • [Character] solves the mystery
  • [Character] tells everyone to COOL IT


Note that if there is only one character in the party, there is no morale penalty; instead, the player will get +1 gas.

Blame [character]

[Character] is blamed for the fart.

  • [Character] -2 Morale (Unless he has Oblivious Stat Combo)

The smell lingers!

  • [Rest of the party] -1 Morale

[Character] solves the mystery (High Wits)

[Character] explains a complicated sequence of deduction that arrives at one conclusion:

  • the true culprit will suffer -2 morale
  • the blamed character will lose morale, and the true culprit will gain +1 morale
  • OR a ghost will be blamed, resulting in +1 morale for the whole team
    • The fart was made by a GHOST!!! WWWWHHHHOAAAAAAAAA!

[Character] tells everyone to COOL IT (Grating Stat Combo)

[Character] tells everyone to COOL IT. Beads of nervous sweat roll down [Character]'s face, yet nothing can be proven.

  • [Rest of the party] -3 Morale