The Mystery of the Ghost Fart event is a random driving event.

Event Text

It's just another day on the death road when someone farts in the car.

Drama and mystery consume the team.

Pick someone to blame:

  • [Character]
  • [Character] solves the mystery
  • [Character] tells everyone to COOL IT


Note that if there is only one character in the party, there is no morale penalty; instead, the player will get +1 gas.

There are also a number of perks and traits that can change the outcome of this event. It is currently unknown which stats effect the outcomes. There are likely more options than are listed here.

Blame [character]

  • the blamed character will lose morale, true culprit likely to gain morale
  • If the blamed character has high attitude, the blamed character jokingly shrugs it off. The fart smell still lingers and the rest of the group -1 morale

[Character] solves the mystery (wits)

[Character] explains a complicated sequence of deduction that arrives at one conclusion:

  • the true culprit will suffer -2 morale
  • the blamed character will lose morale, and the true culprit will gain +1 morale
  • OR a ghost will be blamed, resulting in +1 morale for the whole team
    • The fart was made by a GHOST!!! WWWWHHHHOAAAAAAAAA!

[Character] tells everyone to COOL IT (annoying)

[Character tells everyone to COOL IT. Beads of nervous sweat roll down [Character]'s face, yet nothing can be proven.

  • Everyone except [character] will lose 3 morale