The Farm is a Location in Death Road to Canada. The party may have the option to visit it during Always be Looting events.

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Farms consist of large fields with multiple fenced-off areas, which are usually filled with throwable haystacks and animal skeletons. They usually contain two buildings; a farmhouse, where regular supplies can be found, and a barn, which is filled with tools and weapons like the pitchfork and the pickaxe.

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It was added in the DUODENUM update.


Quiet Farm

The Quiet Farm, as all other variations, contains a farmhouse and a barn, but the key feature is the barn will contain a desirable weapon, either a sickle or a scythe.

Barn Rescue

In the barn of the farm plot, an animal can be found and rescued. Either a pig, which can be recruited into the party and makes a decent fighter, or a chicken, who can either be set free after the mission for morale, or turned into 3 food (in the form of nuggets). Additionally, if the chicken is present, there may be some eggs lying around.

Gothic Farm

Gothic Farm is a rare farm variant in which the group is tasked with rescuing two farmers, Ma and Pa, who have been trapped in the farmhouse. If both are saved, the group will be rewarded with supplies or training.