Familiar Faces is a Miscellaneous Event that may occur during the game.

In the event, the party will come across a Custom Character (if one has been created) and have the option to recruit them.. It may happen in Normal Mode, but it happens much more often in Familiar Characters Mode and Familiar EXTREME.

Event Text Edit

Woah, it's [Character]! It's nice to see a familiar face!


  • He/She pokes the dirt with a stick. Maybe they are drawing plans, maybe just poking the dirt with a stick.
  • He/She was found trying to pull open a door that said PUSH on it.
  • He/She is being thrown out by his/her former group. They seem pretty angry. [Character] shrugs.
  • He/She is staring at a map with an expression of total confusion.
  • He/She is eating a candy bar. Those things still haven't gone bad.


  • Recruit [Character] to the team
  • Leave [Character] behind

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