The Fairy Queen is a Rare Character that can be encountered and recruited while scavenging in Suburbs.

The Fairy Queen has a chance to appear in a small collapsed house. When the party encounters her she will offer to grant them a wish. The Party can choose for Wealth, Health, or True Friendship.

If the party chooses "True Friendship" she will join the party. Her Shooting, Strength, Fitness, and Medical are revealed.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

You found the Queen of the Fairies! She offers to grant [Character] a wish!


Fairy Queen grant's [Character]'s wish.

This is what's considered wealth now, right?

She conjures up a bunch of food for [Character].


Fairy Queen grant's [Character]'s wish.

Live a long and happy life!

True Friendship

Fairy Queen grant's [Character]'s wish.

She cracks her knuckles then conjures up a baseball bat.

Sure, I'll be your friend!

Special Abilities

The Fairy Queen has no special abilities once in the party, she does however offer the opportunity to gain Food or boost a party member's Vitality quite significantly instead when first encountered.

If the party selects:

Wealth - the party gains 20 food.

Health - the character that spoke to Fairy Queen gains two Vitality.


  • Although not revealed, the Fairy Queen's loyalty will be automatically set to 'zero.' Perhaps suggesting that her "Friendship" isn't that genuine.

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