Evil Santa is a Rare Character which can be found and recruited during a special Event exclusively between December, 24-25th which is around Christmas. He is similar in appearance to Santa but with large, angry eyebrows.

Evil Santa can be recruited if someone in your party has low enough attitude to tell Santa to "PISS OFF!"

Alternatively, Evil Santa can also be recruited during an event if Santa is in your party. If your party is camping and there is enough room, Evil Santa may appear in your party. The player is not given a choice to not recruit him if this happens.

Evil Santa (like Santa) has no special abilities but his Stats are different. Unlike Santa, he has a terrible Attitude, however his Strength is much higher.

Encounter Text

See page: Santa


Evil Santa dumped enormous piles of coal out of his sleigh, onto everyone's houses.

Special Abilities

If Evil Santa's morale falls to a critical level he will emit an ear-piercing scream and then explode into a flurry of snowflakes and glittery powder. This will cause him to die.

If there are any other party members after this happens, they will all inhale the "Santa spores." and become Santa.

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