Everyone Needs to Hustle is a Despair Event that can only occur when there is more than one party member.

Event Text

[Character 1] says that SOMEONE in the group isn't pulling their weight, and demands that they be kicked out.

  • Kick a Party Member
  • Kick [Character 1]


Kick a Party Member

[Selected Character] was kicked from the group due to [Character 1]. [He/She] feels pretty smug about this.

[Selected Character] leaves party and held weapons are kept
[Character 1] +1 Morale


Kick [Character 1]

(Party Size = 2) [Character 2] recommends that [Character 1] leave, instead.

(Party Size > 2) The Group kicks [Character 1] out for being a dingus.

[Character 1] storms off in a huff.


[Character 1] says something along the lines of 'COME ON I WAS JUST JOKING HA HA'.

[He/She] still gets kicked out.

50% Chance

[Character 2] smiles a little.

[Character 2] +1 Morale
[Character 1] leaves party. Weapons are kept.

50% Chance

[Character 2] shrugs.

[Character 1] leaves party. Weapons are kept.

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