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Example of an event.

Events are random scenarios that are presented to your group of survivors throughout the game.

An Event will usually pose the party with a problem that they can address in a variety of ways. Succeeding at these events can reward your survivors with bonuses like an increase in Stats or extra supplies, while failing can instead penalize them by lowering Morale or taking away supplies.

Events can have multiple options for tackling them and usually will test a specific stat in order to get a good outcome, it's up to the Player to select the option that is most likely to avoid a negative consequence. It is possible for characters to succeed stat checks with any stat value, but the lower the level of the tested stat the less likely the test is to succeed. Sometime this can be the difference between barely passing the test and passing it well which can award more.

How this works is that each challenge has a hidden skill check value. If the survivor attempting the challenge has the required level in that skill, the chance of success will be 50%. One level below the required is 33%, while one higher means 60%, 66%, etc.

Sometimes certain events will require the character to fulfill two stat requirements in order to unlock the option. These are known as Stat Combos.

Scavenging Events Edit

The 3 core events that involve controlling your character and fighting zombies. These are guaranteed to happen at regular intervals.

Driving Events Edit

These events occur if the party has a Vehicle. At least two of these will occur per day and are selected at random.

Walking Events Edit

Events that happen when walking without a car. Characters' stats and abilities will have little effect over the outcome over these events. The whole party will have the Tired status.

Camping Events Edit

Events that occur once a day when the team attempts to sleep for the night. During these events, the group will attempt to eat a meal (2 food per human party member and 1 food per pet), which may raise or lower your team's Morale depending on whether you have sufficient food. Resting will also remove or prevent your team from having the Tired status.

Different camping events will occur if the group is Walking.

Despair Events Edit

These events can occur if a character in the party has low enough Morale. They will often involve little to no choices and almost always be negative. Many Rare Characters have unique despair events which vary in outcome.

Solo / Common Edit

Group Only Edit

Dog / Cat Only Edit

Miscellaneous events Edit

These events can happen at any time.

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