El Satan is a recruitable Rare Character who can be found while driving in an Event. He is depicted as a muscular, shirtless Mexican luchador wrestler.

El Satan is a world famous wrestler in the world of Death Road who quite happily agrees to join the party if asked.

Upon being recruited his Strength and Fitness stats will be revealed.

El Satan is able to pick-up and throw Zombies, each time he does this he will yell out a random wrestling move name.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The group hears big crashing noises coming from a nearby house, and goes to investigate. In the middle of a sea of destroyed furniture and zombie gore is the world famous wrestler, El Satan! He is currently pile driving a zombie while yelling PILE DRIVER! at the top of his lungs.

Upon Recruitment

El Satan strikes his patented dramatic pose and then says Yeah sure, I'll join you.

If party is full

I don't like disappointing fans, but you just have too many people. El Satan can't join unless someone leaves:

Special Abilities

El Satan's special ability is that he can pick-up zombies and throw them. This is a extremely useful skill, since it allows El Satan to easily take down a horde in a open space with little strain on energy.

The flip side of this is that El Satan is unable to effectively lift and throw Zombies if he is Tired, due to reduced Strength. If El Satan is tired he may have to rely on attacking like other standard survivors.

He cannot use ranged weapons (guns) but he can still use throwables like the Windstar.


  • El Satan is a comedic spin on the name 'El Diablo' which is Spanish for 'The Devil' or 'Satan' as he is often referred to in western culture.
  • Additionally his name is a reference to/parody of the famous real luchador El Santo, which means The Saint. El Satan can be seen as the opposite equal to El Santo.
  • Below is a full list of things El Satan can yell when throwing Zombies.
    • "BODYSLAM!"
    • "JUDO FLIP!"

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