Driving Range Last Stand is a driving event. Certain stats will impact some of the choices and outcomes.

Event Text

The group camps out in a pro shop near a golf course. [Character] Looks out the window and sees a large group of zombies approaching from the driving range!

  • Shoot golf balls at the zombies
  • Prepare for Siege!
  • Drive away with no sleep
  • [Character] Hotwires a golf ball collector


Shoot golf balls at the zombies

The group picks up a bunch of clubs and gets some buckets of golf balls. They start driving shots down the range as the zombies close in.

They send golf ball after golf ball into the incoming horde.

**If the party has high fitness, you will get this result**

The team beans the zombies from across the range. They never even get close!

[Party] Morale +1
[Character] Fitness +1


**If the party has average fitness, you will get this result**

The zombies get pelted by golf balls, but they're not hit hard enough to get slowed down much. The team ends up fighting them normally.

[Party] Randomized health loss


**If party has low fitness, you will get this result.**

It's hard work, and the team mostly just tires themselves out. They are overwhelmed by the zombies.

[Whole Party] Health -1


Prepare for Siege!

The zombies start hitting the door of the pro shop. There's not much time to prepare before the door breaks! SIEGE ALERT! THERE'S NO ESCAPE!

Spawns an indoor Siege lasting 1 hour.
All human party members receive a golf club.

*If the party manages to survive the siege, you will see this text:

The worst of the zombie siege is over. The group clears out any remaining zombies outside, then goes back in to splat any stragglers so they can set up camp.

[Party] Morale +1
Group eats a meal.


Drive away with no sleep

The group decides to flee the golf course. They end up not finding another good place to sleep, and drive for most of the night. They are very tired the next day.

[Party] Tired Penalty
Group eats a meal.


[Character] Hotwires a golf ball collector

*This is a special choice that appears when a character in your party has Great or Best in Mechanical.

[Character] jumps into a golf ball collector and starts running over zombies.

It's surprisingly effective. By the time the collector breaks down, most of the zombies are taken care of.

[Party] Morale +1
[Character] Mechanical +1 (If not Best)
Group eats a meal.

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