The Dentist Office is a common event.

Event Text

The group loots a dentist office, finding some left over medical supplies and many technically edible tubes of toothpaste. [character] goes to the waiting room and grabs a magazine from their sparse selection.

Pick a magazine:

  • Glurge for the Sensitive Soul
  • CELEBZ news
  • Questionable Science


+ Each choice below additionally results in gaining ~2 food and medical supplies

Glurge for the Sensitive Soul

[Character] realizes that this magazine has always been corny, but still enjoys the optimistic stories. One story is about a cat that saves its owner from choking at a buffet. Inspirational.

  • [Character] +1 attitude
  • [Character] +1 morale


This magazine was always incredibly mean, possibly moreso now that most of the people in this are now eaten. [Character] is a slightly worse person for even reading it.

  • [Character] -1 loyalty
  • [Character] -1 wits
  • [Character] +2 morale (if loyalty is low enough)

Questionable Science

[Character] feels pessimistic about the magazine's prediction of flying hovercars in a few years, now that civilization is more or less destroyed. It was still a pretty entertaining magazine.

  • [Character] -1 attitude
  • [Character] +1 morale

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