The Demon is a random Event that can be encountered while driving.

Event Text

"The group notices a foul smell coming from the floorboards. Sulfur. Rotting mutton. Candy corn.

A flash of light and the sound of a thousand whales exploding fills the car.

[Character]'s eyes roll back and he/she starts to convulse! He/she shakes and screams in arcane tongues.

In [Character]'s place now sits THE DEMON HEKTARIUS. He asks if you have pizza. He could really use a hot slice."

  • Freak Out
  • Offer him a bag of chips (-1 food)


Freak Out

  • The interacting person will be killed.

Offer him a bag of chips

  • -1 food

If not alone:

  • New prompt: Luckily they are pizza-flavoured! The demon asks for a soul to wash it down with.
    • Don't Sacrifice Anyone
      • "UGH. WELL, THANKS ANYWAY I GUESS." The demon releases [Character], who is changed by the experience.
        • A random character in the party will be possessed by the demon. The character will receive a Devil's Fork and a significant Strength boost. The character will also be transformed, getting red skin and horns.
        • If the character is a dog they transform gaining human-like traits (can use weapons), lose the clumsy dog trait, and gain the fierce claw unarmed attack instead of the Devil's Fork.
        • Effects unkown if the character is a cat.
    • Sacrifice a character
      • The chosen character is killed and will give the rest of the group members 'otherworldly powers.'

Strength - ''UP''

If alone:

  • Character is possessed.