Deep Cut is a common event.

Event Text

[character] cuts him/herself pretty bad while goofing off in the post-apocalypse. He/She will probably need stitches in his arm.

  • Ignore it / Walk it off
  • [character with highest medical skill] attempts to stitch it up
  • [interacting character] cauterizes it


Ignore it

  • -1 Strength

Stitch it

Low medical skill

  • -1 Morale

High Medical skill (low supplies)

  • -1 Morale
  • -1 Strength

Medical skill [Tested for up to +2 points, or above, from zero] (with supplies)

  • -1 Medical Supplies
  • +1 Medical Skill

Cauterize it

  • -3 morale
  • no strength or health penalty

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