The Debutante is a Rare Character that can be found and recruited in a random Event while driving. She is depicted as a sophisticated lady of the gentry dressed in a blue dress with matching Victorian touring hat.

She appears to be a woman of the strict upper class, wielding an umbrella and only rarely speaking.

When she is recruited her Strength and Fitness are revealed.

She wields an umbrella which can not be unequipped, however will utilize Guns or other Melee Weapons if she finds them or is given them through Swap Meet.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The group opens the door to a tea shop and finds a very fancy dressed woman inside, casually comparing two boxes of tea. She puts the boxes down, turns half to you, and picks up her umbrella.

Upon Recruiting

[Name] spins her umbrella around her hand with lightning speed, and then snaps it in a resting pose against her shoulder. She must have practiced that a lot.

If Party is full

[Name] agrees to join, but then sees how incredibly crowded your vehicle is, with both people and various filth. "WELL, I NEVER!" Get rid of someone to make room?


"I'm going to need some stylish winter clothes..."

[Name] finally found a civilized place to stay. She developed a popular fashion line.

Special Abilities

Debutante's Umbrella cannot break.


  •  Debutante is a term most commonly used around the 1950's for an upper-class or aristocratic young woman making her first appearance in fashionable society.

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