Death Road to Canada (sometimes abbreviated as DRtC or DR2C) is a game published and developed by Rocketcat Games and Madgarden. It is a Indie Action-RPG with randomization elements within the games atmosphere that allows it to orchestrate events and obstacles for players in the game.


"Onward, to Canada!"

The setting takes place somewhere in the modern present day, the player character is said to be lingering around Florida when they heard about how Canada is practically a safe zone against the zombie apocalypse. They have nothing to gain by waiting around in Florida, so they decide to take their things and set off onto the Death Road, traveling north to Canada.

Game Mechanics

Custom Characters

In the game, you are able to access the Custom Characters menus when you select "New Game". In this menus, the user is shown a character creator that grants them the ability to make playable characters at will.  

The user can modify physical characteristics, facial characteristics, facial hair and hair-- along with their color, attire, personality (and traits) and their gender. 

Party System

Within the game, you are able to meet people on your journey in the Death Road. This system allows you to have up to four characters into your team (counting the player character, the user) to assist you in scavenging and join you to Canada. Though, more people can always be both a good and a bad thing-- as they can have conflicting personalities that can cause problems, and more people means more food is consumed per day.

Buddy System

In addition to the party mechanic, you can also have the option to bring a buddy with you to start out as a duo. This can be disabled at the user's leisure if they wish to start off alone.

Media (Music)

Song list is:

  • Canada, Ho!
  • Death Road to Canada
  • Frankenstein goes to Jamaica
  • Green on Green
  • Half-a-Brain Boogie
  • I Think He's Dead
  • Lootin'
  • Rigor Mortis Rag
  • Rotten Shotgun
  • Stop and Smell the Flesh
  • Theme of the Broken Car
  • Without a Reason
  • Zombanita Beach

OST Link


The development team for the game set up a Kickstarter campaign for their title Death Road to Canada on August 28th 2013, by Kepa Auwae, Paul Pridham, G.P. Lackey and Joey Grady-- said campaign surpassed their goal due to the vast support from the community. It reached $42,708 in the span of 30 days.

Whilst the campaign was in effect, they also uploaded their game to Steam Greenlight-- which also (like the Kickstarter campaign) succeeded. On July 22nd, 2016 Death Road to Canada was officially released on the Steam platform, and thus far has received regular updates for the users.


  • Games of similarity and inspiration for DRtC could be pointed at Oregon Trail: Director's Cut, due to it's relatively similar mechanics and game play.

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