Dark and Creepy Store is a common Driving Event that the party may encounter.

Event Text

The group finds a waterlogged store. There's a lot of mannequins inside, barely visible in the darkness. The whole store is especially creepy.

There may be some moldy supplies left in there.

  • Ignore this place
  • Send someone in
  • Send everyone in!


(Results are incomplete)

Ignore this place

  • No penalty.

Send everyone in!

**If party has a low average composure**

The group enters the dark and creepy store.

[Character] mistakes a mannequin for a zombie and attacks! This makes everybody freak out and also start attacking blindly. In the end, no mannequins were left standing.

  • [Party] -1 health

**If party has a high average composure**

  • + Food, Medicine and Gasoline Supplies

Send someone in

**Low Composure**

[Character] - morale

**Low wits**

[Character] doesn't notice anything scary...

  • + Food, Medicine and Gasoline Supplies

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