DSYP (Don't Shit Your Pants) is a recruitable Rare Character, based on the character from a web game by the same name. He is depicted as a pink, balding man in a white vest, and blue pants.

DSYP can only hold a single weapon. When he is recruited he will by default be wielding a Cardboard Tube.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

[The Group] finds a man in a bathroom. The man says nothing. He may be upset that you barged into a bathroom, but his face is expressionless. So who knows. He's purple for some reason. Pinkish-purple.

Upon Recruiting

DYSP seems to accept your offer. He didn't say anything or even react at all, except he did get into the car. If he doesn't jump out, then it's a done deal.

If Party is full

You'll need to boot someone else out to make room.

Special Abilities

DSYP can activate a special 'Fart Attack' which knocks over or kills all zombies in a short radius around him.

The downside to this power is that it can kill him if used too many times.

It's estimated to have a 70% fatality rate for every use over 10.[confirmation needed]


  • In DSYP (the game) if the player types the command 'Fart' it ends up causing the character to shit instead, thus losing the game. DSYP's ability and subsequent death if overused is likely a nod to this.

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