Crowded Campsite is a Camping Event that has a chance to take place at the end of the day.

Event text Edit

The group finds a large campsite that is occupied by a few carloads of other survivors. Camping with strangers is risky, but there's nowhere else to go.

None are heading to Canada.

  • Camp with them
  • [Character] tells camp to COOL IT (available with the "Irritating" or "Berserk" Traits)
  • [Character] robs camp and runs (available with the "Bandit" Trait)
  • [Character] doesn't trust them (available with the "Paranoid" Trait)
  • Drive off with no sleep

Results Edit

Camp with them

There are three different things that can happen in this scenario:

  • Neutral
    • Nothing unusual happens.
  • Positive
    • Another survivor gives the group some supplies, saying that you'll need it more than he does.
    • Gain some food, ammo and medical Supplies.
  • Negative
    • The group falls asleep. When they wake up, the other survivors have left, and some supplies are missing.
    • Lose some food, ammo and medical Supplies.
    • OR [Character] had the warm water prank done on them. [Character] - Morale


[Character] tells camp to 'COOL IT' (available with the "Irritating" or "Berserk" Traits)

[Character] stands on a little box and tells the entire camp to COOL IT.

Everyone in the camp almost immediately turns on the group. They are ejected, and make camp in a much less comfortable spot.

  • [Party] -1 Morale


[Character] tells camp to 'COOL IT '!!! (Raise 'Cool it' stat )

+ [Unknown Amount] Food.

[Character] robs camp and runs (available with the "Bandit" Trait)

[Character] has an easy time robbing the peaceful camp. The group quickly steals food and then speeds off. They drive through the night and are tired the next day.

  • +10-12 food
  • [Character] +1 morale
  • [Party] -1 morale (excluding the character who robbed the camp)
  • [Party] becomes Tired


[Character] doesn't trust them (available with the "Paranoid" Trait)

[Character] does not trust anyone in the camp. He stays up all night, watching for any signs of trouble. Nothing happens, and he is exhausted in the morning.

  • [Character] becomes Tired


Drive off with no sleep

The group can't bring themselves to trust this many strangers. They decide it's safer to drive away as soon as they can.

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