Count Dinkula is a Rare Character that can be found and recruited in the Graveyard. When the group opens a tomb there is a chance that Count Dinkula will be hiding inside, he is willing to join the party.

When Count Dinkula joins the party his Fitness is revealed.

Encounter Text

Encounter Text

Hey, it's Dracula! Hi, Dracula. BLUHD! BLAUGH!

[Character] never thought [he/she]'d meet a celebrity! He doesn't mind doing some of his catchphrases.

Should [Character] recruit Count Dinkula? He seems pretty lonely from being stuffed in a crypt for so long.


Count Dinkula continued to spend his un-life going BLUGH and turning into a bat.

Special Abilities

When Count Dinkula is harmed during scavenging missions, he will transform into a bat for seven seconds.

While Count Dinkula is a bat, he does not collide with zombies and remains invincible to damage. This allows him an opportunity to escape large swarms that would normally wipe a party.


  • Count Dinkula is based on Count Dracula, a popular fictional character who was made famous by an 1897 novel by Bram Stoker.
    • The party even refer to him as Dracula when they encounter him, further confirming this reference.
    • Dracula is able to turn into a bat at will, the developers have incorporated this into the character of Count Dinkula by giving it a mechanical purpose (i.e. escaping danger)

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