'Cool It!' and 'Cool It!!!'

When prompted with options during an Events, you commonly have the option to say 'Cool It!' This will usually result in automatic failure, or harsh punishments, even having a group member killed.

Group members with the Irritating Trait will always have 'Cool It!' as an option.

Cool It!

Although it might seem to be a useless option, or even a negative one. After multiple uses of it on the same run, the group member will have the option to do a 'Cool It!!!'

This can give the group a reward, or even a Rare Group Member. This "Cool It!!!" can be used on Bandits, this will have the group get similar rewards to rescuing a survivor:

  • Group Fitness Training
  • Group Mechanical Training
  • Group Strength Training
  • Group Medical Training
  • Group Shooting Training
  • Morale Pep Talk
  • Recruit

Although, when recruiting Bandit Leaders, their stats will be exceptionally better than regular survivors.

How to obtain 'Cool It!!!'

Each character has a hidden 'Cool it' stat which increases whenever that character says 'Cool it' in dialogue.

In order to have the option to say "Cool it!" the character has to have the 'Irritating' trait or a low attitude stat.

Once the 'Cool it' stat reaches a certain level this bonus "Cool it!!!" (note the three flashing exclamation marks) becomes available in certain events. Traders, Bandits, and people from certain events (Including a bee) can be told to 'Cool It!'

It is recommended to only tell Traders to Cool It, as bandits and other event members will often result in harsh penalties when told to Cool It. Some Traders will attack when told to Cool It , but if you use common sense on telling traders to 'Cool it!' it is uncommon.

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