Cool-it Diplomacy is a common driving event.

Event Text

The group is blocked by another survivor group that set up a barricade to protect themselves. They are distrusting and heavily armed.

The person they send to talk is EXTREMELY ANNOYING. Who should try to deal with him?

  • [character]
  • [character]: Take a detour


Send [character] to negotiate

Low composure, High strength

[Character] talks to the annoying representative.

He/She looses his/her temper right away and knocks him out in one punch. The barricade guards are impressed by this! One gives a thumbs up. They decide to let [Character] through, anyway.

  • [Character] attiitude revealed
  • Note: this has only been tested with a character's stats at strength best [6] and composure worst [0].

Low composure, low strength

[character] talks to the annoying representative.

He loses his temper right away and starts screaming. This really spooks the guards, and they start shooting. The group has to flee!

  • [character] composure revealed
  • [everyone] -1 health (lethal?)
  • detour (gas penalty)

High composure OR Oblivious OR Irritating Trait

  • no penalty

Irritating Trait

  • [Character] morale improved.


[Character] talks to the annoying representative.

He/She isn't supposed to be capable of speech, so he/she mostly just licks him/herself. The dingus is really insulted by being made to talk to a dog, but the guards are amused. They let the group through!

  • Whole party morale improved.

Take a detour

  • Lose gas

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