The following are phrases Lynn C. Thompson will say while in your party.

"All these zombies are good for business! " *trollface*

"*soundtrack: guitars thrashing/wailing*"


"You put one of these by your front door, and you're going to be a power to reckon with."

"How could anyone use the inferior weapons of my competitors? *DX*"

"This greatsword cuts through 4 zombies at once!"


"You won't believe how light this is!"

"You could do pull-ups with this thing, no problem!"

"Easily chops skateboards *and* surfboards in half!"

"The sword world continues to overlook the majesty of this greatsword!"

"For what you get, six pounds of sword, it's very reasonably priced!"

"Built by Cold Steel, it'll hold its own cutting with any sword in the world!"

"Flick, flick, flick! And up comes apart a group of zombies!"

"The greatsword is underappreciated, in my opinion."

"A big sword like this, can make it look easy to make that difficult cut."

"Zombies are no match for the greatsword, though!"

"That was absolutely effortless!"

"If you're strong enough to wield a greatsword, it's an enormous advantage."

"This thing is a room wrecker, a yard wrecker, a street wrecker..."

"It's just unbelievable, the cutting power and this beautiful sword."

"Having this sword in the zombocalypse? I've clearly enjoyed that."

"This is why you buy a greatsword, because you can make those huge cuts."

"Man, this thing just sails through zombies."

"No one is going to be able to take advantage of you when you have a greatsword in your house!"

"What more do you want from a sword?"

"How do you beat this? Tremendous reach, cuts an ENORMOUS FLIPPIN' HOLE!"

"What more can I do to convince you to buy a greatsword?"

"Buy a Cold Steel greatsword. Don't be ripped off by my competitors!"

"Don't be ripped off by my competitors selling you absolute junk!"

"You'll praise my name, you're going to love this sword."

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