The Coffee Shop is a Location that can be found in a suburb.

There are little to no supplies that can be found in the Coffee Shop (apart from possible toilet loot in the restroom) - the location's main draw is the still-functioning coffee machine behind the counter.

Interacting with the coffee machine gives the lead character the option to drink coffee. Drinking coffee will make the character [[Stat Mods|"Coffee'd Up"]], giving them a boost to Dexterity and combat stats, and will also cancel out the "Tired" status effect. Drinking coffee again will replace "Coffee'd Up" with "Sick", dropping morale and replacing the stat buffs with a temporary Fitness debuff. A single character can only drink coffee two times, but the process may be repeated with everyone in the party.

A character with a high enough (5 minimum) Mechanical stat is given the option to "Mess with the settings" and make the perfect cup of coffee. The character gains morale and a permanent Dexterity increase in addition to the normal coffee buffs. After this, the machine breaks and cannot be used further.